Press releases 2022

  • 32nd meeting of Austria’s Financial Market Stability Board – May 16, 2022

    In its May 2022 meeting, Austria’s Financial Market Stability Board (FMSB) discussed the financial stability implications for Austria of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and addressed the upcoming review of the structural macroprudential capital buffers to be held by Austrian banks, which will be on the agenda of the fall meeting. Moreover, the FMSB reviewed and reaffirmed its recommendation on the countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB).

  • 31st meeting of Austria’s Financial Market Stability Board – March 1, 2022

    In its March 2022 meeting, Austria’s Financial Stability Board (FMSB) adopted new recommendations for action by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) to contain systemic risks arising from housing mortgages and for setting the size of the countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB). Other items on the agenda included a review of the FMSB’s annual report for 2021 and its work plan for 2022. Moreover, the FMSB discussed potential repercussions of the war in Ukraine for financial stability in Austria. It concluded that the macroprudential capital buffers built up in recent years have been instrumental in strengthening the banking system. In addition, the level of liquidity that is available within the financial system will suffice to meet any heightened short-term liquidity needs.